Specialties in Demand

Improving Market for Lawyers
The market for experienced lawyers is improving. Canadian law firms value senior-level lawyers, typically those with four or more years of experience, who bring a portfolio of clients and management experience with them. Demand for junior-level associates also has returned: Law firms are again looking to hire associates with two to four years of experience to handle overflow work from more senior lawyers. Candidates with expertise in litigation, intellectual property and corporate law are seeing the most opportunities.

Entry-level lawyers, especially articling students, continue to encounter a job market with limited opportunities. National law firms that might have had 12 articling students and hired back eight in the past are now more likely to hire back only one or two students.

Law Clerks, Paralegals and Legal Support Professionals Helping Firms Rebuild
As law firms begin to reconstitute their teams, they are adding law clerks, paralegals and support staff. Professionals with a background in litigation support, intellectual property or e-discovery are seeing the strongest demand, especially those with three to five years of experience. Corporate legal departments also have a steady need for contract administrators.

Employers value support professionals who are proficient in Microsoft Office and a variety of legal software, including litigation support and e-discovery tools.

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