3 Common Salary Negotiation Scenarios and What You Can Learn From Them

Entering into a salary negotiation with an employer can be an awkward and anxiety-inducing experience. But by taking the time to properly prepare, you’ll not only put yourself in a position to get the best deal possible, you’ll help calm jittery nerves.

Negotiating a Salary: A Guide for Hiring Managers

In this highly competitive hiring environment, talented creative professionals often receive multiple job offers. And given their increased leverage, job seekers aren’t shying away from negotiating a salary. As such, employers shouldn’t be caught off-guard during compensation discussions if a candidate requests more money. Successfully negotiating a salary with top creative candidates takes preparation, tact and follow-through. 

The Creative Manager's New Hire Checklist

Nothing flusters new employees more than walking in on the first day to find that no one prepared for their arrival. This new hire checklist will help make your employees’ early days on the job less stressful and more productive.