Learn jQuery and Bring Your Web Pages to Life

User expectations of web pages have evolved. Ten years ago it was perfectly normal to have a website with little interaction, but today users expect sophisticated animations and application-like functionality. JavaScript is a programming language that’s been used for two decades to make web pages interactive. But writing JavaScript to manipulate pages can be a chore. Say hello to your new best friend: jQuery.

How to Regain Your Confidence at Work

Displaying confidence at work is critical. Lacking self-assurance can hurt your career prospects and impact how your manager, creative colleagues and clients perceive you. Here’s how to bounce back from some common confidence killers.

How to Sell Your Company to Gen Z

As the next generation of workers arrives, companies must adjust their hiring efforts and workplace environments to attract ­— and retain — them. Here are five things you should know about Generation Z before you begin recruiting this new crop of creatives.