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Improve Your Staff's Efficiency with Accounting Technology

To stay ahead of the competition and improve efficiency, firms must provide their teams the latest tools and training they need to do their jobs. Technology can improve financial reporting, enhance security and boost a firm’s ability to remain compliant with regulatory mandates, but many accounting managers still find themselves struggling to keep pace.

5 Questions You Shouldn’t Ask in a Job Interview (and What to Ask Instead)

These days, most job seekers know to ask questions of the hiring manager during a job interview. In a recent Accountemps survey, 84 percent of professionals said they typically use the end of a job interview to get answers to queries they have about the company and the position. However, some of those surveyed gave as examples the kind of questions that would jump out as red flags to any hiring manager. Here are five questions you should never ask in a job interview – and what you should ask instead.